Laser Dentistry Offers A Revolutionary Way To Treat Many Dental Problems

Laser technology has been developed as a dental tool that can treat many conditions that affect the teeth, gums, and other soft tissues of the mouth. Laser dentistry is often less invasive than other traditional treatment methods that may require drilling and incisions to complete. More dentists are now using laser therapy to help them perform these and many other dental treatments. 

Cavity Treatment

Patients who fear the dentist's drill can feel better about having their cavities filled by a dentist who has the laser equipment to do the work. Laser dentistry can remove decay from teeth in a similar but less-invasive fashion so that any cavities can be filled to help prevent decay from spreading deeper into teeth. Laser dentistry may also be used as a diagnostic tool to detect cavities.

Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease causes inflammation of the gums, and laser treatment can reduce this inflammation. Laser dentistry may also prevent gum disease from worsening or occurring in the first place when the technology is used to target areas deep within the gum pockets (also known as the periodontal pockets) to remove more of the germs and bacteria that can cause or worsen the effects of gum disease.  

Root Canal Therapy

Laser dentistry often offers a more effective way to access an infected root canal inside a tooth to clean out the infection. The root canal may be cleaned more thoroughly with the use of a laser and make root canal therapy a more effective treatment. The laser can also be used to fill the root canal and prevent future problems in the area. Another great benefit of laser dentistry for root canal therapy is that it can reduce the procedure time so that patients don't have to sit in the chair for as long.

Cosmetic Procedures

Patients who want to make their teeth and gums look better often turn to laser dentistry for help. The technology can be used to address different issues that make certain parts of the mouth look old and worn and may cause feelings of self-consciousness. Laser dentistry is often used in cosmetic dental treatments, such as:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth stain removal
  • Gummy smile reduction
  • Crooked gum line correction
  • Long tooth reduction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Assistance

Even if wisdom teeth are still below the gum line, they can cause problems that can only be remedied by having the wisdom teeth removed. To make the process of removing wisdom teeth easier and to avoid having to cut into the gums, a laser is often used to remove gum tissue and expose the wisdom teeth. Laser technology may also be used to disinfect the surgical areas and promote better healing after surgery.

Laser dental therapy has changed the way many dental treatments are performed for the better. If you're interested in receiving laser dental therapy as part of your dental treatment plan, contact a local dentist who offers this service to learn more, like The Dental Boutique.