Having A Braces Emergency? Know How To Deal With These 3 Problems

Do you have a problem with your braces but it's the weekend or late at night and you can't reach your orthodontist? If so, these tips will help you deal with some of those common emergencies that may come up with braces. 

A Wire Is Poking You

Have a wire that is sticking out and bothering you? This could be due to one of two reasons. The first one is that the wire actually shifted. Take a look at the midline marker on the wire and see if it's still between your two front teeth. If so, then you know that the wire is the right length and that it just needs to be shifted by your orthodontist. It's possible that all you need to do is use your finger or your toothbrush to push the long end of the wire that is poking you back into the braces. Let your orthodontist know about this next time you visit them.

If the midline of the wire is in the right part of your mouth, then it means that your wire is now too long. This can happen gradually over time, and it happens from your teeth shifting forward. You can use dental wax to cover the pointy part of the wire, and then your orthodontist can trim the wire the next time you have an adjustment made. 

A Ligature Tie Is Poking You

Your braces have a small piece of ligature wire that holds the main wire to your braces, and this wire can also cause you discomfort and poke your lip. Try using your toothbrush to push that ligature wire toward the main wire so that it is away from your lip. However, don't confuse a poking ligature tie with the hooks that are on your brackets, which are what is used to hold the rubber bands in place. These can be covered with a ball of wax while you get used to having braces since they often irritate new braces users.

A Bracket Is Broken

Having a broken bracket may not be that big of a concern. If the bracket is on the rear molar, it may be possible to just slide the bracket off the tooth until you can get back to the orthodontist. If it's a tooth somewhere in between, know that it's no big deal. You can use wax to hold the bracket in place so it is not irritating your lips, but you shouldn't need an emergency orthodontist appointment to fix it. The broken bracket will be fixed at your next appointment to adjust the braces. 

To learn more, contact an orthodontist.